9 Free AI Tools are EVEN BETTER than ChatGPT

 Free AI Tools which are even better than ChatGPT

In 2023, Many AI Tools came on the market. Among this, ChatGPT has become the most famous website. It Reaches it’s first Million users within 2 weeks.

So What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a Trained Model which can do chatting and can also solve your difficult questions. In my college time, it helped me a lot in coding.

ChatGPT can only do chatting along with it generates solution of the question. So Today we are going to discuss 9 Free AI Tools which are even better than ChatGPT.

Without Wasting any time, Let’s Get started!!

9 Best ChatGPT Alternatives(Free)

1. Codeium

Codium is an AI tool which is very beneficial for coders. Codium understand the users codes and then automatically generates Codes. Thus helping the users to complete the work easily. It can create Functions, Boilerplates, Objects & Classes. This AI Tool is completely Free. The extension of Codeium can work on VS Code, Google Chrome, Android Studio & Many More…

Official Site: Click Here

2. Elevenlabs

ElevenLabs is an AI tool which can convert text to real human voice speech. So you might think how it is special?

It has a feature which enables users to add their voice. Whenever the AI tool will work, it can convert the text to your custom added voice. This tool is very helpful for youtubers. As youtubers can easily do voice-over on any video through the help of this tool.

Official Site: Click Here

3. Humata.ai

This Tool is mainly useful for students. Suppose you have a question related to a pdf. So you can simply upload the PDF to Humata. After then, Humata will extract the solution of the question you have asked.

This tool is totally free, no credit card is required. The tool is mainly made for students to do their homeworks and Assignment easily. Through this tool you can extract the summary of a chapter.

Official Site: Click Here

4. bluewillow

If you are any AI Artist or AI Art Enthusiast then bluewillow is for you. Bluewillow is little complex than midjourney. Bluewillow is totally free software but on the other hand, mid journey is a software which generates the first 25 images for free after then generating for more images it ask for some money.

How it works ?

Step1: Join the discord server of bluewillow



Here is the one video which I want to share ?

Official Site: Click Here

5. Craiyon

Craiyon is a very old AI Tool which can convert your added text to an image. For Example, you added text like “Dinosaur Walking in a banana” then quickly Craiyon will take some time to understand after then shows the images in which dinosaur is walking in a banana. The tool is totally free and has one million active users.

One disappoint thing is that in free plan, the images are able to download with watermark.

Official Site: Click Here

6. Cutout.pro

If you want to convert a photo to passport size photo in seconds then this free ai tool is for you.

Through this tool, you can turn any photo into a passport size photo. Isn’t it amazing!!

The main part is here, after converting the photo, this tool provides you amazing customizable templates. In which you can add background color Or you can choose different outfits templates.

Cutout.pro is totally free to use and thus no credit card is required.

Official Site: Click Here

7. Careerdekho.ai

A majority of people fear and avoid Career counselling, so careerdekho.ai has been launched to make career counselling easier.

For sign up, you only need a google account ,no credit card is required.

In few simple clicks, you can get many career option available to your interest. On the plus point, you can get detailed career path.

You must try this free AI tool. Link is available down below.

Official Site: Click Here

8. MarsX

The MarsX app is for coders. The AI tool has some special elements which you can use in your coding projects. Through the help of Marsx, you can built Uber, swiggy like apps in minutes. MarsX is totally free to use and no credit card is required. Discord server of mars is also available where you can communicate with other developers.

Discord Server Link – Click Here

Official Site – Click Here

9. Langotalk

If you want to learn a new language then this free ai tool is for you. Langotalk with Artificial intelligence enables you to learn any language 6x Faster. Langotalk is very famous and currently it has two lakh active users.

Here is the quick demo of Langotalk

Official Site: Click Here

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