7 ways to get Udemy Premium for free

Udemy, a popular online learning portal, offers over 155,000 courses in business, marketing, design, coding, and more. Most Udemy courses cost money. Free Udemy Premium access is possible. This post covers seven free Udemy Premium methods.

7 Methods to get Udemy Premium for free

1. Free Coupons

Coupons for Udemy’s paid courses are frequently made available. You can find sites like Coupon Scorpion, Coupons Eagle, and Coupon Lion that collect and organise these discounts for you. To redeem a discount, all you have to do is copy the promo code and enter it at checkout.

2. Udemy for Business

Udemy for Business is a paid service that gives businesses entry to a specially selected library of courses. Your company may provide you with free access to Udemy for Business if they have a subscription. To find out if this is a feasible possibility, talk to someone in human resources.

3. Referral Programs

Udemy has a referral programme where users can earn prizes for recommending their friends to the site. Udemy gives you a credit that can be used to buy courses when someone signs up through your referral link. You can get free admission to Udemy Premium by referring as many people as possible.

4. Free Trials

Udemy’s Premium membership is available for a trial period at no cost on a sporadic basis. These tests usually have a short duration, around 30 days. You will get full access to the site’s paying features throughout that period. Keep an eye out for promotional emails or visit Udemy’s website to learn more about their current promotions and to join up for a free trial.

5. Course Bundles

Udemy occasionally provides reduced course bundles. Though not entirely gratis, some bundles provide significant cost savings over purchasing the courses singly. If a package includes several classes you’re considering taking, you might be able to save money by buying it.

6. Course Reviews

Users of Udemy receive incentives for rating and reviewing courses they have completed. For a thorough assessment of a finished course, you could receive platform credit that can be used to the price of subsequent courses. Although you can’t join up for Udemy Premium for free, you might be able to locate some discounts.

7. Partner Programs

Udemy has worked with many NGOs to offer their courses for free. Several organisations, like the International Association for Computer Science and Information Technology, offer free Udemy courses (IACSIT). If your club or organisation partners with Udemy, investigate whether you can benefit.

Additional Ways

Udemy’s Free Courses

The vast majority of Udemy courses cost money, however there is also a growing collection of free courses. On Udemy, you may filter your search results to only display courses that are free if that is all you are interested in. It’s still possible to learn a lot from these free courses even though their substance might not be on par with that of their premium counterparts.

Udemy’s Sales

Udemy frequently has sales where courses are offered at a low price. During these deals, several courses can be had for as little as $9.99, representing a considerable discount off the list price. By keeping a look out for deals like these, you can save money.

Course Instructors

Some Udemy teachers provide free or heavily discounted access to their courses for their fans. If an instructor’s courses interest you, you can “follow” them to receive updates about discounts and other deals they may be offering.

Udemy’s Affiliate Program

You can earn a commission by recommending Udemy courses on your website or social media channels through the Udemy affiliate programme. You can earn a commission of up to 50% of the course’s retail price for each sale generated through your affiliate link. While this won’t grant you free access to Udemy Premium, it can help you earn money to put towards your subscription.

Udemy’s Rewards Program

By completing courses and watching videos, you can get points in the Udemy Rewards programme. After collecting enough points, you may redeem them for Udemy credits and put those credits towards the purchase of courses. It’s a great method to save money on tuition, albeit it can take a while to accumulate enough points for a significant reduction.

Udemy’s Ambassador Program

Become an official Udemy representative by signing up for the Udemy Ambassador Program. As an ambassador, you may earn prizes for introducing others to Udemy and have access to special courses and resources. Being an ambassador may take more time and energy than the other options here, but it pays off greatly in the end.

Online Learning Platforms Similar to Udemy

Udemy is only one of many available options for online education. Examples of websites that provide free, top-notch education from prominent colleges include Coursera and edX. Although some sites may not offer as many courses as Udemy, they nonetheless may prove to be educational.

Udemy’s Money-Back Guarantee

Udemy offers a 30-day full refund policy on all paid courses. If you are unsatisfied with any paid course within 30 days of purchase, you can get your money back. Those who are wary of making online course purchases will appreciate this extra safety measure.

Udemy’s Quality Assurance Process

Udemy uses a quality assurance mechanism to make sure its courses are consistently high-quality. Udemy courses are reviewed by staff before they are made online, and instructors are held to a high standard. This helps guarantee that the courses advertised on Udemy are indeed good.

How to Choose the Right Udemy Course

It can be challenging to focus your search for the appropriate course on Udemy with over 155,000 alternatives. Before enrolling, think about the instructor’s credentials and subject matter competence, the course description, and reviews from prior students. To maximise Udemy, carefully choose your courses.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Udemy Course

Udemy courses can be enhanced. Study, take notes, and review. Complete all assignments and assessments, and join the course forum if available. Actively participating in Udemy lectures is the best way to learn.


Udemy is great for career development. Udemy Premium discounts and free trials save money without compromising quality. Udemy offers business, marketing, design, and coding classes. Choose the correct course and study on Udemy.

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